Top tips for maintaining your vape

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    Good vape maintenance is the key to getting the best vape experience and prolonging the lifespan of your e-cig. Here is a simple guide to help you keep your vape in tip-top shape. Leave us a comment with your top tip.

     Battery Maintenance

      • Whether you have a cheap starter kit or a $200 mod, looking after your battery is perhaps the easiest way to extend the lifespan of your e-cigarette.
      • Number one rule is don’t overcharge your vape. As convenient as it is to leave your e-cigarette charging overnight, leaving the battery on charge once it is at full capacity will degrade the battery. 
      • Avoid letting your battery run completely dead, this too will put stress on the battery, degrading its quality.

      Flying with an e-cigarette

      • Always take your vape with you in carry-on luggage only. This is an airline safety requirement as unattended batteries are a fire risk and vapes can be confiscated if put in check-in baggage.
      • Empty your tank before flying or put in ziplock bag. The high altitudes can cause the tanks to leak.

        Coil maintenance

          • Don't exceed the recommending wattage stated on your coil. Increasing the wattage will lead to your coil burning out faster.
          • Always keep your tank topped up, making sure the cotton around the coil is saturated at all times. Letting the liquid run low can lead to dry burning the coil.
          • Use a liquid with a vg/pg ratio that suits your coil. High VG content 70% + are thicker in viscosity and suited for sub-ohm coils (less than 1ohm resistance). Coils over 1 ohm will generally run better and last longer with a 50/50 vg/pg ratio.

          Clean regularly

          • Every now and then, take your vape apart completely and give the parts a good soak/clean in water. This will get rid of built up liquid residue which can muddy the vape flavours.

          Use a vape band

          • These bands aren't designed just for style. Having a protective vape band around the glass part of your tank can be the thing that saves your tank from breaking if dropped.

          E-liquid maintenance

          • Once a bottle has been opened, always keep the lid on when not in use. Exposure to heat and oxidation will ultimately degrade the nicotine.
          • Unopened e-liquids can last on the shelf for months and sometimes up to 2+ years (especially true of nicotine free liquids). E-liquid will darken over time and have a more intense flavour which is completely normal. However, if this process continues for a long period, the nicotine will eventually degrade.
          • The easiest way to tell if a liquid has expired is a vape test. If the flavour tastes odd and the nicotine is not giving you the same hit, it's time to get rid of it.

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