DaVinci IQ vs MIQRO: Which Vaporizer should i buy?

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What the difference davinci vaporizers NZ

DaVinci is the undisputed kings of flavour in the vape industry. Their flagship vaporizer, the IQ, is one of the most highly anticipated vaporizers to hit the market. It totally changed the market’s attitude towards the flavour of herb, making it one of the prime attractions of convection vapes.

The IQ is a great portable vape, but DaVinci isn’t ready to lie back on their laurels. They’re back with a brand new portable vaporizer that is even more compact and discreet than the IQ.

Vapour quality

The IQ and MIQRO excel here. Both have ceramic ovens and zirconia ceramic parts for tasty flavour and extended vapour paths and mouthpieces that cool the vapour better than most of the competition. The main difference is potency. With an oven, twice the size, the IQ’s hits are noticeably thicker and stronger.

Davinci battery life


Battery Life

The IQ and its brother both use removable batteries. The bigger of the two using a single 3500mAh 18650 cell, while the Miqro opting to use a slightly smaller 18350 rated only 900mAh. This is actually quite a substantial difference and can be a make-or-break situation for some users.

The IQ could net a solid 6-9 sessions on a single charge depending on usage habits, while the Miqro can only really get 3-4 at best. Without a doubt, IQ wins this category in the DaVinci IQ vs DaVinci Miqro showdown.


Overall size

The IQ is small and portable, measuring three and a half inches tall, but the MIQRO is one of the smallest vaporizers on the market at two-thirds the overall size of the IQ. We can almost entirely conceal the IQ in an average-sized fist, and it can share a pocket with keys and other items. The MIQRO, however, disappears in an adult-sized hand and can get lost in a purse or bag.

Both vaporizers are easily pocketable, but the MIQRO is one of the smallest we’ve come across.

Davinci dry herb vaporizer Size NZ


Heat uptime

While the IQ takes a mere 16 seconds to reach optimum temperature, the MIQRO takes over twice as long and won’t reach optimum vaping temperature until after 30-60 seconds, depending on how much power you have left in your battery.


And there you have it! In our professional opinion, with all upgrades and downgrades in mind, the IQ and the MIQRO are still two amazing vapes. While the IQ may be better for the more frequent user, the MIQRO is the perfect choice for someone looking for a stealthy, affordable vape to use with friends on the go. Crafty E-liquids recommends the DaVinci MIQRO – offering users more flexibility and great tasting vapour.

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