Vaping is just better.

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There are many articles out there telling you all about how dangerous smoking tobacco can be thanks to the 7000 plus chemicals found in the smoke that is produced, however, there are also numerous benefits to swapping to vaping e-cigarettes instead. Vape pens have been designed as an alternative to smoking regular cigarettes and there are a large number of reasons to make the switch. Here are some of the top advantages of vaping:


Vaping does not involve combustion as it works by heating up a solution and turning it into a vapour. This means that there is no ash produced so you can consign the smelly overflowing ash-tray to the trash. As there is less mess to clean up when vaping, you will also never again have to sweep up the layer of ash from your floor, meaning that your home is cleaner and tidier.

Fewer Chemicals

Tobacco smoke is packed with hundreds of dangerous toxins including 70 known carcinogens. There are 600 chemicals in tobacco cigarettes (including tar, ammonia and carbon monoxide), and while e-cigs do contain nicotine as well as diethylene glycol which may be toxic, they have far fewer levels of harmful chemicals than a regular cigarette.

 Lower Cost


One cartridge gives you the same amount of nicotine as you would find in a pack of 20 standard cigarettes. As you can purchase five packs of cartridges for the same cost as two regular cigarette packs it is easy to see how much money you can save by making the switch.

Great Flavours

While there are very limited flavours of regular tobacco, e-cigarettes are very easy to flavour meaning that you can enjoy your nicotine in combination with a host of delicious and unusual flavourings. Whether you would prefer fruity tastes, cocktail flavours or dessert-like treats, there are options to suit every preference and if you want something a bit more traditional, there are even some classic tobacco or menthol flavours.

The Same Sensation As Smoking

E-cigarettes have been designed with the experience of smoking in mind, so vapers can replicate the sensation of smoking thanks to the realistic throat hit, cloud of vapour that is very similar to smoke and even, sometimes, a glowing tip whenever you inhale. Some vape pens even feature cigarette-like butts, while the sensation of holding something in your hand and regularly inhaling and exhaling will make you feel like you are smoking your usual cigarette.

Simple To Use

Although e-cigs use modern technology they are still easy to use. The majority are 2 piece models, requiring the user to simply screw the cartridge end to the battery and begin puffing immediately. Generally, the batteries are automatically activated, creating the vapour which is emitted from the mouthpiece during inhalation.

No Smell

Regular smoking causes an unpleasant smell which can be very off-putting. Even smokers often dislike the smell of smoke on their clothes and furniture. Only a faint smell is produced by an e-cigarette and that is only from the flavouring. Switching to vaping means that you and your home no longer smell like an ashtray. Also, your skin will no longer have an unpleasant yellowish tinge and your hair and skin will start to look younger and healthier.

Better Health

Tobacco smoke contains no less than 70 known carcinogens whereas e-cigarettes only contain propylene glycol (a substance found in smoke machines), nicotine, and the same food flavourings that you could find in your local grocery store. While there are trace amounts of nitrosamines, which are carcinogens produced during the nicotine extraction procedure from tobacco, these are also found in similar quantities in FDA approved nicotine patches.

Since you are exposed to 1400 times more carcinogens when smoking regular cigarettes, you are hugely cutting your chances of developing cancer when you switch to vaping. As well as cutting your risk of cancer, you will also find that within 24 hours of quitting tobacco you lower your risk of having a heart attack and will feel less anxious. Within just a few more months, your lung function, sense of taste and circulation will all go back to normal too.

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