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My story starts back in 2013 when things were not good in Christchurch because of the earthquakes.I was painting at the time and saw and heard many sad and very emotional people. The easiest way was to have a few drinks at night and forget about it all.Then a friend of mine had problems and committed suicide and my drinking got out of control. I was very lucky a neighbor and friend was a psychologist and could see how bad I had got and got me into a rehab for 3 months.I was no angel there because I worked more than I should have but the good thing is I have never relapsed at all since. Then in 2015 I had tooth problems.I had my top teeth removed and got dentures but had bad toothache in one of my bottom teeth. Went to the dentist and she said I had a lump she wasn't happy about and referred me to a dental surgeon who took a sample from my jaw and two days later told me I had cancer. A week later I had a meeting at the hospital where they told me I was booked in to be operated on the next week. The treatment and care I got at the hospital was amazing. They cut the cancer out and also removed all the lymph nodes in my neck. Then I had 30 radiotherapy treatments one each day for 6 weeks. The worst thing was that although they kill all the bad things they also kill some good things like your taste buds sense of smell etc.after the operation I had monthly appointments at the hospital. I had been a smoker for 50 years which was why I got the cancer and of course the doctors kept on telling me to stop. I tried everything. Patches pills everything available for a year but it didn't work. I knew I had to do something and at the time e cigs were not really legal but I went to cosmic who were absolutely amazing and gave me a starter pack.Anyway since that day I have not had a cigarette. I wouldn't say I was totally addicted to the nicotine it was just a habit to light a cigarette when I woke up or got in the car etc etc etc. I must have been given some of your fluid by cosmic and contacted you and have been looked after with fluid and accessories ever since. I worked out the other day that vaping costs me about $30 a month. Back when I started my parents smoked at the dinner table my mother would send me to the dairy to get her a carton of smokes when I was only a kid and back about 1968 cigs were 27c a packet. Anyway feel free to share my story and thank you once again for your good service.

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